December 4, 2012

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Denial Analysis Often Improves Healthcare Profitability

What gets studied gets improved.  This is one of the simplest management concepts yet one of the most challenging when it comes to ambiguous data. "What is understood gets improved" is the more accurate maxim for analyzing the ambiguous, often uncharted, sea of denial data being generated in the initial stages of healthcare denial management.  Read this entire article for information on implementing effective denial analysis within your organization. . .

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The AppealLettersOnline.com Repository has numerous state-specific letters to assist with interest collection. These letters directly quote state standards which require certain insurance plans to pay interest on claims not paid within that state’s required prompt pay time frame.

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Letter To Assist With Global Billing Appeals

We have a number of physician clients who are reporting problems getting insurance carriers to pay for treatment outside of global reimbursement restrictions.  We have drafted an appeal letter to assist medical practices with these appeals.  See the new letter under the category Benefit Reductions, subcategory Miscellaneous, titled Global Services Reductions.

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